Monday, March 23, 2009

A Monster in the Closet

Cousin Fun

Olivia LOVES her cousins. They make her laugh and it is so fun to watch her play with them. Obviously it doesn't take much to make her laugh- one of her great qualities.

The Amazing Escape Artist

We sure do love her!

Remember this dress? It finally fits- hooray!

This is Liv's signature raised eye brow. I love this picture- it couldn't be a more true representation of her facial expressions.

Like father, like daughter (after dad had finished all of the soda, of course).

Resting her head during tummy time. It's hard work!

Cuddling with dad before bed.
We sure do love Olivia. She is such a delightful little girl. Last Saturday, I hauled her to Ikea with me at 8:15 in the morning to stand in line waiting for cheap stools. She was great company through our whole day of shopping, shopping, and more shopping. She is like her dad- just along for the ride and happy to be there.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Voice

Last Sunday, a man stood to bear his testimony. He got to the podium and was fidgeting with something in his hands. Moments later, a computerized voice came from a palm pilot, saying... "I would like to bear my testimony..." A beautiful testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was shared as the man stood there holding the small speaking device up to the microphone. Throughout the rest of the meeting, we learned that this man, had at some point lost the use of his voice, and had just downloaded this speaking device a few weeks prior. The first thing he told his family when he got it was "I am going to bear my testimony this Sunday." What an example of courage and testimony! If only those of us who have the use of our voices were this eager to stand and share. It makes me grateful for modern technology, it makes me grateful for my profession, and it makes me grateful for good examples!

...A Big, Beautiful Butterfly

This post is primarily for Bethie who always asks if I have any funny work stories. I do love my job.

This past week, I have been reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" with some of my students. It is a class of special ed students who have down syndrom, autism, etc. They are such an endearing group of kiddos and we always have a ball together. We read the story together and as I came to the ending, I read... "He built a cocoon and stayed inside for more than 2 weeks. Then, he nibbled a hole in the cocoon and pushed his way out and..." At this point, I remembered that a co-worker had told me that she had a butterfly puppet I could use. "Perfect," I thought. " I will build anticipation by leaving the room and come back in with the puppet for the ending. They'll love it!" So, I told the kids to "wait a minute" as I walked out of the room. They knew I obviously had some sort of surprise so they were literally on the edge of their seats. I ran across the hall to grab the butterfly, but the teacher who had made the offer was absent. I searched frantically through all of her cabinets, but to no avail. The clock was ticking and I had a class full of kids waiting for me to return with some "grand finale" and I had nothing! As I got back to the door of the classroom, empty-handed, I knew I had to do SOMETHING. So, I poked my head in the door, said "And he became...", and then I went half hopping/half prancing in while I flapped my arms gracefully in the air and concluded "a BIG, BEAUTIFUL butterfly!" Now, it would have been one thing had I made this entrance into a room full of students ONLY, but that was not the case. In addition to my 7 students, there were a handful of adult aides watching my sad attempt at a human butterfly. In order to minimize the attention on me (because at this point I was feeling really awkward), I invited all of the kids to "Come on everyone, be a big, beautiful butterfly" signaling for everyone to stand up and join in the "fun." Now, generally speaking, this group of kids is uninhibited when it comes to odd or unusual social behaviors, but even they understood the absurdity of my behavior and sat there staring at me blankly. Needless to say, my grand finale wasn't so grand and we all knew it. Maybe next time kids...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Lovely Lady

The New Pad

Here are a few pics of the new house. We moved in about 2 1/2 weeks ago and are loving it. It is a work in progress but here is what we have so far...

The living room BEFORE floors, paint, blinds, and furniture (minus a couch which we are still working on)...
... and AFTER

Our bedroom BEFORE carpet, a ceiling fan, doorknobs, and our bed...
... and AFTER
Our bathroom AFTER two different attempts at paint color, two different attempts at vanity lights, and a new granite counter top thanks to Papa W!...

The family room BEFORE a fireplace insert, thrift store and clearance shelf decorations, and lighting...
... and AFTER

The dining room BEFORE paint, wainscoting, table and chairs, and a chandelier...
... and AFTER
The kitchen BEFORE paint, a sink, a fridge, a stove, a dishwasher (yay!), and more bargain decorations... ... and AFTER
The bathroom AFTER "New Hampshire blue" paint (I had to have some piece of home), a mirror I bought on KSL, and a basket full of lovely white towels my mother was kind enough to buy for us...