Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Redeeming Myself

I am feeling like a mean aunt for posting a pouty picture of this little stud muffin, so here are some pictures to show how handsome he really is.

Everything is more fun with party hats...


...Trying to get out of taking pictures with mom

...Riding a 4-wheeler

...Coloring with cousin Xander

Notice, he wasn't wearing a party hat and this is what happened. I actually think we have a picture somewhere of his mother standing at the top of my parents' stairs that looks strikingly similar to this :)
...Eating your first birthday cake
...Mischieviously climbing stairs

...and Head butting cousins.
Kelley decided on a face mask instead of a party hat to keep us from all catching the swine flu. I thought that to be very considerate, even though party hats are more fun.

Making Us Proud

I am 100% sure she did not get the "gaming" gene from the Kane side of the family. She makes Rode proud :)
I can't be too disappointed though, because she has inherited her mother's love for shoes.

Liv and Lil

Getting re-acquainted in the pool at seven peaks.

Kisses in the wagon. Liv is not one to hold back when giving kisses.

Slip 'n Slide

Looks like we may have a bully in the family.

Holding on for dear life. It was warranted after our bully tried shoving her off.
Diaper Butts!

After seeing Liv and Lil's cute butt shot together, Hezzie and I were inspired to do one of our own. It just isn't quite as cute without the diaper.

"Mom's Gone"

Notice her impeccable manners of chewing with her mouth closed and not talking with her mouth full. Hmmm... I wonder where she learned those? She also doesn't seem the least bit bothered that "mom's gone." And can you blame her? Daddy lets her eat as many rolls as she wants and lets her sit on the counter. Sounds like another daddy I know, *cough* Larish *cough* Kane.

Don't Die of Shock...

I'm about to post some pictures and maybe a few thoughts too, if you're lucky.