Sunday, July 27, 2008

Makayla's Baptism

Saturday morning, our neice Makayla got baptized! She asked Rode to perform the baptism and confirmation. It is always nice when Rode has the chance to be part of these special times in his family member's lives. We are so happy for her! She is such a sweet girl and will be a great strength to her family.
Makayla with her dad and brothers

Makayla and Rode

Makayla with Rode's parents

Following Makayla's baptism, I went to Provo to take the Praxis exam. I will know in 4 weeks how I did. This is the test that I have to pass in order to recieve my national certification in SLP. That afternoon, Rode went to the baptism of one of his coworkers, Manolo and his wife. He said it was a VERY neat experience. The whole baptism was in spanish. One of the owners of the company, Paul, who works alongside Manolo and has been a big part in sharing the gospel with him performed the baptism. It was obviously a very sacred and happy time for both of them. Rode said when Manolo came up out of the water, Paul and he hugged and wept. It makes me think of the scripture: "And if it so be that you should... bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!" (D&C 18:15) What a neat experience to be part of. Manolo and his family are wonderful people- I am so glad their family has been blessed with the gospel.

Following my test, I went to Kristin Anstead's sealing at the Mt. Timpanogas temple. She looked absolutely beautiful and I am certain she has married her perfect match. Kristin is one of the most thoughtful and kind people that I know, and from what I can tell, Cam is just like her. I am so happy she has found such a good man! Watching two good people get married makes me think about the day Rode and I got married. Every day I am grateful that I made that decision. Rode is a good man and I love him more all of the time!

38 weeks

2 more weeks! The baby experienced her first Demolition Derby last night (in the womb, of course). Next year will be the real deal. I'm sure she is already as excited about it as I am :) She needs to learn early to appreciate the arts and culture of Heber. She seemed to enjoy the loud music- she was dancing and kicking like crazy, although it's probably good it was all muffled. It would have been way too loud for a baby. She has had the hiccups as I have been blogging. I feel them in my butt, so her head seems to be pointed in the right direction. I had terrible charlie horses in both of my legs this morning when I was stretching. That is becoming more frequent. I have to go to the bathroom way too often. She is moving so much- I think her space is getting cramped in my belly. We bought her a bassinet on Thursday, so she now has a place to sleep. Now we just need a car seat to get her home from hospital. Worse case scenario, we have to walk her home, right? We are very excited for her to come!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

37 Weeks

Here you go.. large and in charge! The only changes to date are my more frequent charlie horses in the groin area, which nearly send me to my knees everytime they happen. This is especially a problem when I am walking and I have to play it off like I am not having a moment of excruciating pain that makes me want to tumble over. Other than that, she seems to be content right where she is. We'll see if she is as stubborn as her cousin who was due 5 days ago and still isn't here!

Summer School, Hospital Externship, and Playing the Waiting Game

Well, as of Friday, I have finished my externship at Intermountain Medical Center. Now, my last grade will be submitted, my information will be sent to the school of graduate studies, and my degree to be posted. Most of my clinical experience has been working in the schools, but I had to complete clinical hours with the adult population. IMC's neuro rehab unit works with adult patients who have had traumatic brain injuries, strokes, or other medical problems that have had neurological affects. I was a little nervous going into the whole experience. Any of you who know my history of fainting and my hypersensitivity to germs, you understand my concerns. It turned out to be a wonderful experience though, and there were only a couple of times I had to sit down when I started to feel woosy. I'm sure everything was intensified (germ phobias and proneness to fainting) due to being pregnant. I just made sure I always wore gloves and washed my hands, and my supervisors were always very good about telling me to look the other way or letting me sit down. I learned so much from this whole experience. It was REALLY great to be able to get some experience in a hospital setting. I feel like it will open up some doors for me in my profession. Up until this externship, I didn't feel very confident in the neuro aspect of speech language pathology. I had taken classes, but had never really had the chance to put all of the information into practice. I still have tons to learn, but this gave me a boost in confidence that I can work with this population successfully. My supervisor was wonderful and very encouraging, which helped me feel more capable. It was such a blessing to get this externship- the timing was perfect, the setting was perfect, and the people I worked with were perfect.
Also, as of Thursday, I am finished teaching summer school. I committed to this before I realized how busy I would be with my externship, so I have had a very full summer so far. I LOVED teaching summer school. I had a class of about 9-11 high school age severe special ed students. I work with most of them during the school year, so it was a pleasure being able to spend some time with them over the summer. Working in special education makes me so happy. I love it! There is something so rewarding and enjoyable about spending time with students who have such special personalities. They never cease to amaze me with what they are capable of doing. They are such an endearing group of kids. We laughed together a lot. I think one of my favorite moments was when we were making toast as part of a cooking activity. I looked over to see one of my students waving his hands above the toaster and humming, much like a magician would do above his magic black cloth before he made something reappear. The toaster popped and with the snap of the student's hand, Voila, the toast appeared. He looked at me with a "Ha, what do you think of that?" look. I just had to chuckle.
So what now? I have 3 weeks of waiting until the baby comes. I take an exam on Saturday for my national certification, so studying for that should keep me busy this week. Aside from that, I think I will read all of my books about labor and how to be a mom, set up the baby's room and wash her clothes, and try to work the baby out of me by moving around as much as possible.

Take me out to the ball game

Another one of Rode's fun summertime activities is playing on his company's softball team. He somehow manages to fit this into his busy schedule, but I think it's good for him to get out and do something he enjoys. He is the star pitcher. I wish I could say that I am the star cheerleader, but I am actually really horrible about making it to his games.