Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Angel Mothers

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.
- Abraham Lincoln

Rode and I somehow lucked out in the mother department. We probably hand picked them because we knew that they would be the best! My mom is a masterpiece. She is the most capable woman I know. Give her a job and she'll get it done, but not just kind of get it done. She will do it, perfecting every minute detail and wowing everyone along the way. She is angelic in more way than one. It seems she has the ability to know exactly what is going on even when no one knows she is around. It was on more than one occasion that I heard my mother say in my youth "I have my ways" when she miraculously knew some sort of shananigans that my sisters or I were into. I only hope to be as alert and in tune as she was. My respect for her guided my actions. I knew what kind of behavior she expected and I didn't want to disappoint her. She is a good woman- a righteous, selfless, super-woman!
And Brooke, Rode's beautiful mother. What a lady! I have loved her since I met her. I will never forget how kindly Rode's mom and dad treated me the first time I went to their home. They welcomed me with no reservations and immediately accepted me as one of their own daughters. I think I loved it so much because that is exactly what my parents would have done. I feel blessed to have a mother-in-law that teaches me so perfectly about selfless service to family and patience in trials. Brooke is ALWAYS thinking of others. Before Anthony and I got married, I was overwhelmed with moving out of my apartment along with everything else I had going on. Brooke showed up with all of her cleaning supplies and scrubbed my bathroom for hours. I had never seen it shine like that before. She spent days at a sewing maching sewing the wedding dress of my dreams. She spent hours ripping out seams, taking in, recutting, and measuring to make it perfect (since I gave her about three patterns and pictures and asked her to "create" exactly what I had in my mind). She was there again, cleaning supplies in hand, when Rode and I headed to the hospital to have Liv (boy, I need to be a better housekeeper so my MIL doesn't have to keep bailing me out). It was such a blessing to come home to an orderly house. Brooke is an angel, an instrument in the Lord's hands as she answers prayers through her selfless service.

We love you Grammie and Nanny. You are the finest women we know!

Like Fathah, Like Daughtah

Thanks Aunt Jane for making me this fabulous hat! I wear it ALL of the time on our walks in the stroller. It blew off in the wind the other day, and when mommy discovered we had lost it, we retraced our whole walk until we found it. Phew... that was a close call.

Like Fathah, Like Daughtah... in more way than one. (ahem...bald heads... oh and always lost in a book)