Saturday, September 6, 2008

Olivia's Baby Blessing

Olivia's baby blessing was this past Sunday the 31st. The blessing was beautiful and Olivia was beautiful, too! Mama Pedersen made her blessing dress from the same fabric she used to make my wedding dress. That woman is amazing and talented! I loved Olivia's dress as much as I loved my own. Anthony gave a wonderful blessing. She was blessed with patience for her parents, which I am sure she will need as we are figuring out this parenthood thing. It was such a beautiful blessing and a special day!

She is growing!

Here are just some random pictures of the sweet little girl...
This is Olivia's Swiss Days outfit. If she was going to celebrate Switzerland, she was going to do it right in her red and white hat. The options for coordinating clothes to match the hat were limited, but we rounded up these little red overalls which worked just fine.

This is one Olivia's less fashionable days. Can you guess who got her dressed? Anthony came out of the bedroom asking if orange and blue went together. He failed to mention the stripes and the pink socks. The best thing is that she still looked cute even in her mismatched outfit.

Tummy Time

This is for Grammy to see that Olivia is still enjoying her tummy time, just like you taught her. Her neck is getting so strong, too!

This is one of my favorite photos of Olivia. What a smile!

Gunner meets his grandparents

Gunner (Hez and Denver's pup) got to meet his grandparents for the first time. Boy, was he excited! He smothered them in kisses, curled up on grampy for a little nap, and pestered them like any good granddog would do. I'm sure he can't wait for their next visit :)
Mom seemed to appreciate Gunner's kisses for the most part, although she was always very quick to point out that he did have a bad habit of drinking from the toilet bowl.
Apparently Olivia isn't the only one who has discovered Grampy's belly is a great place for napping.

Pretty in Pink

Doesn't she look pretty in pink?

Grampy's Pillowtop Belly

Olivia has discovered the comfort and joy of pillowtops. She has always enjoyed our memory foam mattress, but more recently she has found something even better... Grampy's belly. This is how Olivia and grampy spend about 6 hours together everyday. I think he enjoys it as much as she does. I am not sure what I am going to do when he goes home and Olivia won't sleep on her stiff crib mattress. I tried to lay her down on it today for a nap so I could get some cleaning done- it only lasted about 20 minutes before she was awake and wanting to be held. Gramp's pillowtop may have created a little monster- Aaaah!

Napping on Thursday

Napping on Friday

Napping on Saturday