Friday, January 22, 2010

Holiday Highlights 2009

The Pedersen Chronicles: Holiday Highlights 2009
(aka 3 months worth of abridged blog posts)

Happy Birthday Daddy Rode
Grammy and Buddy's house for Thanksgiving...
and for Buddy's sticky buns...
and for black friday shopping (if you are looking for a place to avoid trampling, the Lilac Mall in Rochester NH was the place to be at 4am Friday Morning- this was the early morning "crowd"- not too bad).
Back to the snow in Utah and playing with Fisher
Baby Boy Pedersen is making his debut April 2010! Name suggestions are welcome.
A package from Aunt Jane with this fabulous holiday dress. Have you ever seen a finer looking Santa?!
Decorating our 3 foot tall (I'm being generous) REAL Christmas tree. Yes, they do sell them that small. I do believe they just cut the top off of an ugly tree. It was so miniature that the man at Home Depot asked me if I was trying to stretch it out by carrying it by the top as I walked to the register. I suddenly understood why short people develop a complex.
An Olivia-sized leather chair. What more could a girl ask for? Thanks Nanny and Poppy :)
Sewing gifts for Nanny and Poppy. Olivia was quality control making sure there were no mistakes.
Nanny's new crocheting bag. Much thanks to Grammie Kane for being the "expert seamstress" behind this project. I really just followed her directions with exactness and look what we got!
Poppy's chef's apron for cake days and Dutch oven cooking
Christmas morning at Nanny and Poppy's- the highlight of the morning was Liv's new $8 play microwave. Probably one of the best $8 we have ever spent.
Kane Family Christmas morning opening stockings. Lesson learned: 18 month olds only need about 5 presents to open before losing interest. Cousin Xander was glad, though, because that meant more for him to help open (apparently 3 year olds need more- aw shucks).
Sleigh Ride in Midway
Thank Heavens for Fathers- these masterpiece shelves are thanks to my dad, Rode, Denver, and Papa Winterton's hard work over the Christmas break. Now, to fill them.
Sledding with the cousins. Olivia had fun if we played by her rules, mom fell on her butt HARD two times, and Heather gets the "Aunt of the Year" award for so many trips up and down the hill.
Rock Band on New Year's Eve
Megan's fun birthday party at Heber Handspringers, complete with trampolines and foam pits.
Another package from Aunt Jane, this time with a staple in every girl's closet- a little black dress. She loves these shoes and wore them all day, with pj's before church, the dress at church, and sweats after church.